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Abby Schreiber

Artist & Founder

I started making jewelry as something to fill my time during one anxious summer several years ago - since then, I've ebbed & flowed through periods of creation, but jewelry has always been a surefire way to ease my anxiety. And, in November 2019, I truly launched Turned Turquoise.

I am LOUD, and I try to use my voice & business for issues that matter. Shopping with other small businesses is my lifeblood. Connecting with others is my greatest joy in life. I am also a writer (mostly of poetry, sometimes of full sentences).

I've been "emotionally high-charged" since I was a kid. That has led to some unbelievably dark moments. But all of that emotion also allows me to constantly see the best in people, to fight for what I care about, to channel those emotions into art. You've all given me that opportunity, and I am so grateful for you.

I am continually humbled that you want to buy my jewelry - thank for for allowing me to do this. Onward & upward.

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