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SLICE OF AMETHYST | Crystal Necklace

SLICE OF AMETHYST | Crystal Necklace


Amethyst slice on upcycled vintage chain (4 unique pairs).


The chain is upcycled vintage, so I’m honestly not confident what it’s made of…what I DO know is:

1. It didn’t irritate my skin at all
2. It shined up with a sunshine cloth.

So it could be sterling? Could be costume? Could be actual silver? All I know is you could be in the market for a STEEP discount since I’m pricing it as though it’s not made with precious metals!


    Made by hand; this process makes each piece of jewelry unique to YOU. Each piece is one of a kind. You will receive a pair similar to those pictured.

    Hooks are all hypoallergenic.

    Refrain from wearing jewelry in water; like all things, it may tarnish under duress.


    We strive for complete satisfaction! If your item arrives below expectations or is damaged upon arrival, you may request a refund or replacement. 

    We do not do exchanges. 


    For one of a kind pieces: Items will ship within 5-10 business days

    For made to order pieces: Items will ship within 7-14 business days

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